Sunday, May 11, 2014

And Voila!

Really, it's done. At least the building part. We got our Certificate of Occupancy (the final building inspection) at 4:45pm on Friday afternoon, May 2nd 2014. It's a notable moment in building a home.
Moving in collided with a few family visits, Coachella, as well as a deadline to get things together for the Glastonbury Festival in the UK this summer~ we are bringing the Hand of Man as well as the Caged Pulse Jets and we are ready to have a good time! So we have just barely moved in, but a house takes living in it to develop its real character, so that may take a while.
I am still tallying the receipts to see what we came down to, and I will follow with an estimate of what this really took in the end. 
I had an old friend, Colin Brooks come help with building the kitchen countertop- he takes this very seriously and did a fantastic job- we now have an amazing looking blue kitchen countertop!
Jessica helped with the countertop pour as well as the kiddos, and once installed (it took a few troopers), it really made the space look finished. The good old IKEA kitchen is impressive as well as the hardware is pretty darn fancy, with spring action mechanisms closing the drawers.
In all this I managed to remodel the Gearhouse, now it's all ready for it's new happy owner.
I'm about due for a serious vacation and some time to heal a sore body. Thank you to all that made this house happen, especially the ones closest to the fire. Nonnah: it would just not fly without you. 

Here are the pics!
Thanks for following the blog, and I hope it serves to inspire more homeowner/builders in the future! Power to the People!

Christina & Christian and Kodiak.

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