Friday, June 21, 2013

Then we moved the K-Shack...

It really is starting to feel like a crazy board game, where you move buildings, containers, fences and other homely structures from a to b or maybe c. "Yeah, lets just move this thing over here, or over here- oh... it weighs a few tons, no problem!"
The container moved a few weeks ago, now the k-shack, Again I have to commend my partner, Christian for such an amazing job of forklifting and crane trucking talent. Without the guts and the mad skills he has with heavy machinery this would have been a disaster. I'll let the pictures tell the story, needless to say I have a few less fingernails to bite, but the k-shack (named after Ted Kaczynski, as he lived in something as small) is now in its new location, ready for a batch of new visitors!

Friday, June 14, 2013

We have a slab!
After two days of hot hard work, three full truck loads of concrete, ten awesome crew, we have a slab!
Did I mention it was hot, and windy? 

Cheers to all that made it happen- we are now "out of the ground". This is what it looks like:


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We are finally ready to pour the slab- which if all goes well, will happen next week. We passed our first inspection- Plumbing. Waiting on Foundation inspection...If the super crazy wind does not pick up all our handy work and disperse it all over the mesa- like it did the hot tub- we are going to be ok. May the wind be gone and may we have some rain all ready~ Inshallah
Watch out, we are getting Out of the Ground!