Thursday, November 21, 2013

A View With a House.

Here are a few pictures of the outside of the house so far. Most of the metal sheeting is done(and look at that deck!), we are now finishing up the soffits and the smaller trim details.. then we are ready for the snow and to move our construction inside. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Bits and Pieces

The morning air is chilly reading 37°F, and we are  buttoning up all the small stuff on the outside. Nothing like Winter hanging over you to get out there and motivated!
We put on the ProPanel on the roofs this week. I was harnessed in and screwing off a million screws on the steep pitch roof.
The roof is deep blue, which should look pretty great with the (not yet) rusted Corten metal we have as the siding. Interspersed with the metal are a few areas of rough sawn wood, done board and batten style. The top half of the house is done with corrugated Galvalum, to contrast the soon to be red Corten.

Many months ago I took the local waste permit exam, and I put in our septic system on my own. I borrowed a skid steer and backfilled the leech field with gravel. Not a big deal, and $aving some money by going DIY. With some advice and help from my plumbing friend, we passed the inspection.

Again we had some friends rally to help with the roof, and siding, as well as our friend Rick who is building us an amazing looking wood deck on the South and East side.
One day we will lounge on lawn chairs and drink cocktails during sunset while Kodiak plays with his toy race cars ...  I digress

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The skilled Professionals...

This is a shout out to the people who actually do this for a living... and without whose help we would not be able to make this casa happen. I have lived here for a while now (I think it's close to 17 years), and many of the professionals who have helped us now, have helped with other house projects as well. As it is in small communities, we become pals. It is thanks to these relationships one can make it this far even... Kenny Drake, the best backhoe operator I know, next in line would be his son Matt.
The Del Margo's- the family team of awesome electricians. Danny Gonzales, whose family has helped me with projects in the past as well- and for being so darn encouraging!
And the mugs~