Friday, October 18, 2013


And then there were windows! We are officially enclosed. PHEW. The wind is now outside only, and it makes a difference. We could call it Wind NO. 
Kodiak witnessed this exciting moment as well, learning inside vs. outside.
In the evening, we put some work lights in the house and saw it for the first time at night with light only coming from the windows- it looks awesome and we are all very proud. We had to pile into my truck and drive around the area to see it from the road as well. Here are some pictures to remember this moment by. 

Kodiak waving from inside- our view of the Lobster and Taos Mountain.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Mini Addition detour..

pantry |ˈpantrē|
noun ( pl. pantries )
a small room or closet in which food, dishes, and utensils are kept.

ORIGIN Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French panterie, from paneter ‘baker,’ based on late Latin panarius ‘bread seller,’ from Latin panis ‘bread.’

Gotta have one- especially because food storage is part of the cheaper living plan. It has been a pretty unsustainable habit to drive 15 miles one way to get food every few days. Once the Brewery opened, that small 8 minute drive has been quite the luxury, and if only beer really was worth a half sandwich...

So, in short, I poured a slab (by hand), which, for the record was worse than I remembered~ figured 9 full wheelbarrow loads, over 300 shovels of either cement, sand or gravel...just harder than I seem to recall in the 90's(wink)
And today I boxed up the small addition on the West side of the house- the Pantry. tada.

Harlan came out for a day and helped with the loft- T&G and a meticulous measuring mind and the loft looks great. Thanks!