Monday, April 21, 2014

a little diddly about the Wash Closet..

Well the bathroom, ie, the wash closet has been the last room that needed attention and it has been humbling how long it has taken. It's still not done, as there are so many details in this here bathroom!
First off, I built the shower stall out of the remaining brick and glass block from the re-store and plastered it with white portland cement. The floor needed to be raised to accommodate the drain and to make sure that the flow of water actually went d o w n the drain. I found a cute toilet at the re-store as well and set it in place.
Then came the extremely ambitious part- the floor... I think it was Christian's idea to have a little of Brazil in the house- and the boardwalks on the beaches in Rio are pretty amazing- so we picked Ipenema's design to copy and well, a million hours later here it is! YES I did lay almost ALL those little stones one by one. Once in a lifetime, and never again. 
The shower has also morphed into well, a shower. I will very likely never be electively be tiling again. Grouting just simply put, sucks. 
I am guessing with all this creative attention in the WC it will be a sweet place to relax with a shower at the end of a hard day. Black, White and Red. Here are some of the pics:

 ...and ta da- the grouting of the floor is complete!

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