Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Passed Inspections and Onwards!

Yup it's true! We passed our plumbing inspection- thanks to the meticulous efforts of Christian, robot builder AND copper sweater extraordinaire. The Plumbing Inspector was impressed, and that should be saying something.

We bought two kegs from the Brewery and Ristow cut them in half and welded them back together to become our new pre-heat water tank for the on demand water heater we scored. It's sitting pretty up high, flat black and in a window. Should work pretty well.

The next day we also passed our interior framing inspection. Big hurdles to pass through in building a home~ now we can insulate, and cover the walls with our mixed materials... I started building a brick wall behind the wood burning stove, not only because brick walls are awesome (and remind me of my NYC days) but also because it will radiate some heat back out into the room from a good fire in the stove.

Christian climbed on the steep roof, harnessed in, and installed the stove pipe assembly. Not that easy in our current sub freezing weather with a single digit windchill. This Polar Vortex is somethin' else.
Christian is not afraid.

The next phase of the house is a bit more fun as the changes will be drastic and it will feel a bit closer...just a bit.