Friday, February 14, 2014

Safety glasses, dust masks and nailguns

Weeks have gone by and Christian and I have traded places working on the house. As plumbing and systems have been successfully installed within the walls (Christian's handy work), I have become the cover-it-all-up-and-make-it-look-good-person.
With a deadlineSo I pulled in some great help and we are moving right along. Meanwhile Christian is getting really dirty in the shop, building a Huge robot for Coachella. With a deadline too. I am not sure who is having more fun.

My first big idea was to use the "green" cellulose blow-in insulation in the roof and the walls...but as I started working with it I decided that the roof would be plenty of work, and it was. The walls suffered the consequences, and are festooned with regular R19 batts- ie. fiberglass (cough cough) insulation. The house should be plenty warm though, with a total of R29 in the walls (including the 2" thick rigid foam on the outside) and my best guess for the roof would be somewhere between a R38 and R50... we blew in plenty of cellulose. 

Once the dust settled, sheetrock and wood paneling started to go up. More bricks behind the newly installed wood stove as well, as they radiated so much heat from that first stove fire that I had to build a larger brick wall. That first wood stove fire was a treat! 

I have been glueing and hammer nailing(with live ammo!) a sub floor onto the concrete. We will be putting in maple plywood sheets on top, for a cost effective wood floor.
The past two days, a team of us nailed up an aspen T&G ceiling- a bit rough on the old neck and shoulders, but it sure looks beautiful. Thanks Jojo and Patrick!

Next up there will be plaster on some of the walls, mud and paint on others and wood panels on the rest. 
It's a new mixture of aesthetics- his and hers. 
Kodiak's room is finally outfitted with bubble windows- making the mesa view pretty exciting. They have hence been coined the space ship windows.

We passed a few key building inspections, which is always a relief. One little step at a time.
The next few weeks will fly by and the house will start to morph into a finished space. 
Now to some beer and a weekend.