Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We are packing...

I didn't realize until recently what a disturbance moving is to everything. We have started to move out of the Gearhouse, our stuff going into a storage container for now until the new house is ready. As the art, the books, and all the random small stuff goes into boxes and away, it feels unnerving. Granted I spent more than half my life moving from one place to another, usually from one Country to another Country, so I have vivid memories of boxes and feeling displaced, but even this move, feels scary, as true and real as any major change in life can be.
It's here, we are in the countdown- a few more weeks and a new living situation is a reality. 
I know three months from now, the dust will start to settle, but right here right now is tumultuous, and filled with tension. Of course with some perspective, we do  have a defiant toddler ( all though cute) and Christian is battling a tight deadline for his 30 Ft tall (that's really tall!) robot he's building for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in four weeks!!! It's fair to say that we are working hard on buoyancy on a daily basis.

I have been on house mode, and this is the latest- we have plastered the interior of the house! I finished grouting the pantry. The sub floor is laid down and ready for the finished maple flooring. The wood walls are nailed up. My back is hurting. Building and construction is hard on the body, no matter what great shape you are in.  Next up is working on the bathroom, as well as taping and mudding the remaining drywall, and possibly a visit to the chiropractor.
pre plaster...
post plaster..

 pantry floor

bathroom, plaster still drying.

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